Hello all

I realize this blog has been super dead over the past few months *cough*year but I think I’ll change that and try to be more active again especially given I still continue to get new followers and it’s probably super boring to follow a dead blog.


  • If you have any submissions you’d like to see here, please let me know. I’ll post any submissions on general Carleton life, residence stuff, professors, courses, programs, events, etc. As long as it is respectful, I will post it.
  • I’ll also actively start patrolling the Carleton University tags now so if you have anything Carleton related on your blogs that you’d like me to see/reblog, tag it.
  • Also if there are any new students who are starting at Carleton in Fall 2014, please don’t hesitate to ask questions. If I can’t answer your question/give advice, maybe someone else on here can.
  • I think it’s probably a good idea for me to get someone else to help me run this blog, so if anyone is interested send me an ask as well.

I think that’s all for now. Again, sorry for the hiatus. I’ve been busy this year with co-op but this summer I’ve got a job with Dr. Jayne Yack in the Biology Department so I’m on campus a lot more and I feel more inspired when I’m actually at Carleton.

xx- C

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