Hello new Ravens!

First of all, congratulations on your acceptance and for choosing Carleton!

Unfortunately the blog right now is on a bit of a summer break too as I have been lacking inspiration with being away from campus so much. But it should definitely pick up again with the fall semester!

Remember you can still submit your ideas for posts here though! Anything you can think of, classes, buildings, food, residence things, etc. For example, you might have something to say about the upcoming registration. What do you think of the new timetable builder? How are class schedules for you going? I want to hear it.

If any new students have any questions , you can ask them here.

Also if you’d like to talk/chat with me about anything you can go to my personal

Hope you’re all having a great summer!

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the-car-lover asked: All residences have twin-sized beds. (answer to the question)


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wonderlandonfire asked: Sorry for so many questions! I'm a bit nervous about coming to Carleton in the Fall, but only because I don't know many people. Is there any way I could start chatting with some current students in hopes of having some allies when I start in a few months?

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wonderlandonfire asked: What size are the beds in traditional, double residence?

I personally don’t know as I live at home in Ottawa BUT perhaps one of my lovely followers/fellow students who have residence experience can answer that?

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wonderlandonfire asked: I just wanted to say I cannot WAIT to come to Carleton in the fall :)

Yay! I’m excited to go back! Hope you have a good summer and enjoy Carleton in the fall :)

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kickhigh-runhard-liftheavy asked: This isn't actually an ask. More a comment. I'm entering Carleton in the fall (and I'm ridiculously excited) and I just found this tumblr. I was actually going to be productive in my spare today, but this is awesome! Goodbye productivity.

Congrats on deciding to come to Carleton!

Happy to facilitate your procrastination needs. 

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